Would you like an experienced Pro drummer to play drums on your track at an affordable price or would you like to record a drum track for your band.

The Studio is always setup and ready to record, it is setup with both Acoustic and Electronic kits.

A variety of drums and especially snare drums are available for your session to get you the sound you are looking for.

Tracks can be sent over the internet or if you are local to the studio (west yorkshire, UK) they can be delivered in person.

Once you have decided that you want Richard to play on your track, your project will be discussed either on the phone or preferably on Skype, to get your exact needs.

Don’t be put off if you only have a small budget we have not turned any work away due to price, a compromise is always achievable.

Samples from the studio. (copy this link into a new browser)

These samples are just RAW files with no EQ or post production on them so you get a feel for the Drums and Room sound.

prices are dependant on the project.

Get in touch for more details.



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