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Richard has students travelling from all over the UK to have private 1 to 1 lessons with him.

Richard Has studied with some of the best Teachers and Drummers in the world, covering all aspects of playing from technique, groove playing, soloing and creativity to independance.

If you are ready to move your playing to the next level in a relaxed and fun enviroment that is tailored 100% to your needs then get in touch NOW!!!!!!.

You now have the following options:

1 to 1 – You travel to Richard’s Studio in Halifax West Yorkshire,UK

Skype lessons – Richard is making the most of technology and offers 1 to 1 lessons over Skype. This enables any student from anywhere in the world to study with him. All you need is a webcam, Decent internet connection and Skype: Follow the link to download for free

Here is what some Skype students have to say about lessons: 

 Playing 18 years and after 3 Skype lessons my technique and control has already improved a lot – Paul O

Best there is – Oscar 

Rich is a fantastic bloke and a great mentor. He has helped me with my business and my playing. Both have seen a massive lift in a short space of time. – Chris B

Best thing I ever did for my playing! – Rich B



Drumming MOT

Have you ever suffered from any of the following:


Repeated Blisters

Lack of speed

Lack of control

Lack of creativity

Any form of Pain while playing.

All of these are signs that something is WRONG!!!!!!!

If you answered YES to any of this then it’s time to get a Drumming MOT.

Richard has studied techniques directly from the Master, Mr Dom Famularo so you will be in safe hands.

After a recent clinic Rhythm magazine called Richard a “Master Technician”

The lessons can be done in the studio in West Yorkshire or anywhere in the world Via Skype, all you need is a practice pad, sticks and a good internet connection to get going.

Richard has taught students from all over the UK and Europe who are having issues with their playing.

Here is what some of them had to say:

In my lessons with richard more or less all emphasis is on technique, mostly hand technique. Being mostly self taught before i started lessons with him, my technique was poor and hampering aspects of my playing. This has all been improved tenfold by richard’s lessons. He has helped, and continues to help, me develop various techniques in my playing, enabling me to play a large variety of styles and genres i couldn’t have hoped to without his teaching. – Gregg Lewis UK

Rich has helped me phenomenally with my technique. First time we met and he gave me a lesson, he showed me a few things that have helped with speed and precision, basically allowing me to play easier with comfort. I found it strange that it can be the tiniest things he tells you can make the biggest difference! Not only does he tell you useful tips, he shows you exactly why they work and how you can improve.
Kristan Read UK

“Before I had lessons with Richard my hand technique was rubbish! I gripped my sticks far too tightly and I had no idea about anything from fingers to fulcrums. But he uses a very simple method with fantastic results, easy to practise on a pad with great applications to the kit.” Angus M UK

Having had lesson on Skype with Richard he has changed the way i play with regards to my hands, i was seeing a physio for arm problems before i contacted rich and now i no longer have any arm problems at all. I can’t speak highly enough of the systems rich teachers, my playing is now on a whole new level thanks to these lessons. Stephen Ireland

Richard is a master teacher, he changed the way i play for the better, i couldn’t hope to play the way i do now without his help, book a lesson today if you want improve your playing. Paul UK


Please contact Richard if you are interested in studying with him.



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